Baby Elephant Notices A Man Drowning And Swims Over Him To Save His Life

The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is an incredible place, which aims to help elephants who’ve been abused or hurt and to provide them a loving home.

This safe haven requires many employees, who can help care for the elephants and supply them with high-quality conditions. Many animal lovers work in the area, including Darrick.

Darrick is a sworn animal lover, who dedicates his life to elephant care from the moment he wakes up till he goes to sleep. He loves his job and is very fond of many of the elephants at the sanctuary.

One of these elephants is Kham Lha. Although she’s just a baby, she had already been through so much: both her parents died, and she was left all alone to protect herself.

Thankfully, the adorable baby elephant was brought to the Nature Park, where she met Darrick. There was an instant connection.

Ever since that day, Darrick has been caring for all of Kham Lha’s needs, and it shows that the two of them care about each other very much.

One day, poor Darrick fell into a pond in the park and almost drowned. He was crying for help, but the only one who could hear him was Kham Lha.

The minute adorable Kham Lha heard her beloved friend’s voice, she hurried to save him and pulled him out of the water. What a sweetheart!

Truth be told, Darrick was never in any danger: he was just pretending, to prove how much Kham Lha cares about him, and how amazing and kind-hearted elephants can genuinely be. 

The video was first shared on Twitter and went viral within a few days.

Darrick loves Kham Lha and the rest of the elephants very much. He hopes that a video like this will raise awareness and make people stop hunting the beautiful creatures.

The video is very emotional, and it’s incredible to see how Kham Lha loves Darrick. We hope that it will show the world how hearty elephants are and stop hunting them and displaying such cruelty towards them.

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