Baby Bunnies Think A Golden Retriever Is Their Father

Animals can’t get much cuter than bunnies, and that’s a fact. But bunnies that think that a Golden Retriever is their father? Well, that’s a whole new level of cuteness.

These Fuzzy Bunnies Think A Golden Is Their Father
This is Bailey

Goldens are known to be a caring, kind, and compassionate breed, and Bailey is no different. The moment the precious pooch saw the adorable litter of fuzzy buns, he instantly took interest in them. The video below shows how close the doggo and the bunnies became over time. They can spend the whole day playing together on their owner’s bed.

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As both dogs and bunnies are social creatures who spend their lives in packs, it makes perfect sense that these formed an unlikely pack of their own. Bailey is clearly taking his parental duties very seriously and keeps a close eye over his adoptive bunnies.

When these adorable videos were taken, the buns were only 22-days-old and had plenty of energy to climb and play with their canine father. Their owners, who know how adorable and unusual their pets’ relationship is, went as far as setting up not one, but three(!) different pages for them on different social media platforms. You can follow them on InstagramFacebook, or YouTube.

Watch the precious video that shows how the bunnies think the Golden is their father here:

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