Australian Zoo Staffers Take Pandas And Tigers Home During ‘Armageddon’ Wildfire

While it is no secret that the bushfire phenomenon isn’t new, this year has been unprecedented climate-wise. People across Australia are trying to prepare their lands and family for the devastating wildfire that is looming their way.

As there are many incredible stories of heroism and heartbreaking stories coming out from the bushfire crisis, this man and his staff member stick out due to their selfless act of heroism.

When it came to a zoo director’s notice that a bushfire was heading the facility’s direction, the right course of action seemed incredible clear to him.

Chat Staples couldn’t let the fire kill the animals and destroy the zoo, and so he took the situation in hand and brought those who wouldn’t be safe during the bushfire home.

When the staff was ordered to evacuate, workers stayed to relocate lions and orangutans to the safe part of the park. But unfortunately, some animals were at risk of death.

The Mogo Wildlife Park is a local zoo that houses a rare collection of exotic animals, making it complicated to take them into a human house. Monkeys, red pandas, and tigers needed a safe place to stay, and so the staff members found them an unlikely place, their own homes. 

The workers did not hesitate to act and took the wild animals into their own abode to save them from certain death. Looking back, the staff did the right thing since this devastating wildfire even took people’s life.

Staples said that he took in many animals from all kinds, including pandas and monkeys, and no one got hurt. Another staffer took a tiger and housed it in their backyard!

The zoo tweeter, “Incredible effort by an amazing team of passionate keepers today,” and proudly added, “Every animal is safe and in wonderful care.”

Although the large animals, including zebras, giraffes, and rhinos, had to stay at the facility, they were located in the safe parts of the park.

Staples said that his dedicated workers were planning for the worst, and when it was time to take action, they did above and beyond to pass the chaos smoothly.

Besides taking animals home, volunteers stayed to stop small fires in the property and worked into the night till the danger passed.

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