Artist Transforms Stones into Lifelike Animals

So small you can hold them in the palm of your hand!

Japanese artist, Akie Nakata, or just Akie for short, is blowing the web with her hyper-realistic creations. The artist collects stones and pebbles, transforming into a variety of animals.

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She takes inspiration from nature and life, using the natural shape of the stone to bring her vision to life. Akie choose each stone according to the fate she sees to it, flowing with the notches and face of the stone.

Akie began her stone art in 2011. While taking a walk along a river bank she has come across a pebble reminding a rabbit.

After finding fitting stones, Akie paints with acrylic and gouache paint. Using small and delicate brush strokes, She considers her work done when she paints the last part of the piece, the eyes.

The animals adorning the surface of the little stone range from household cats and dogs to rodents, birds, and wildlife including raccoons, otter, big cats and hyppos.

Check out the rest of her mesmerising work below!

Each stone seems to have a life of its own.

The eyes are the vital part of each stone

Truly a master at work

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