Artist Spends Hours Craving An Adorable Jack-O’-Lantern Portrait Of His Pooch For Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and it’s your last chance to get in the spirit by decorating your house with cool festive classic jack-o’-lantern. Craving a goofy or a scary face in a pumpkin is what you need to have the perfect Halloween.


But some people took it to a whole nother level with incredible creative designs that have made their rounds on social media and put other decorations to shame.

Andy Manoloff is a talented artist who amazes people every year with his incredible pumpkin cravings. But a couple of years ago, he decided to honor his pup by craving an adorable pumping with its dog’s face.

Some people take the pumpkin carving as a serious annual tradition and put lots of effort into making extraordinary festive decors. For Manoloff,  Halloween is a great opportunity for him to express his artistic skill and his love for the holiday.

The creative artist has become renowned due to his remarkable creation over the past ten years. The buzz started back in 2009 when his design of Iron Man has caught everyone’s attention.

Ever since, Manoloff’s designs have topped themselves and have become outstanding and viral. With his X-Acto knife, it takes Andy anywhere between eight and twenty hours on craving.

His central craving theme is superheroes, and one of his most prominent creations is a craving of his beloved pooch, Sophie, from 2017. She is an adorable Pomeranian, and her portrait craved on the pumpkin is almost endearing as she is.

Andy Manoloff

Manoloff shared a video on YouTube in which you can see how much work he put into the remarkable masterpiece.

Andy Manoloff

Here’s the stunning result:

What an incredible way to honor your dog! The level of detail is incredibly impressing, and unfortunately, since he craves real pumpkins, his creations don’t last forever, only a particular group of people are lucky enough to see them while they’re still alive.

Doggie Doc Designs

Although Manoloff isn’t making another dog portrait this year, he craves another Iron Man pumpkin, but this time it will be an unmasked Tony Stark which is also great!

Doggie Doc Designs

We wish you a happy Halloween and hope that Manoloff has inspired you to take the festive decoration to the next level.

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