Artist Replaces Animal Faces With One’s Of Cats And The Results Are Hilariously Cute

Galina Bugaevskaya decided to do something productive and creative with her feline obsession, and the results are, well, amusing and hilarious yet slightly cringy.

The 30-year-old Moscow-based artist started randomly photoshopping cat’s faces onto anything she came across and posted the pictures on her Instagram page, ‘Koty Vezde’ (Russian for – ‘cats are everywhere’).  Her page soon started to draw ‘canimals’ (cats+animals) lovers from all over the world. Today, a year after it was formed, ‘Koty Vezde’ boasts almost 45K followers, and the numbers are still rising.

In addition to creating new and surprising animal mashups for her page, Galina also offers to create a ‘canimal’ from anyone’s pet for only $5 US

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