Anti-Dog Meat Trade Activists Claim Major Victory

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? The gruesome canine meat market in Busan, South Korea, Gupo, has been selling dog meat for years. At this specific market, customers can choose a specific living animal from the cage to be slaughtered especially for them.

Jean Chung

The dogs are crammed into tiny cages waiting for their terrible end, most of them are Korean Jindo mixes.

Jean Chung

Luckily, charity workers came to the market to save the remaining dogs.

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Once they opened the cages the dogs were terrified, most didn’t even want to come out. So, the rescuers had to encourage them. The ones who refused were pulled out so they could get medical treatment and be moved into safe shelters. The brave charity workers rescued 85 dogs from slaughter.

Jean Chung

These dogs’ lives have been horrible since the moment they were born. They were raised in inhumane dog farms as the main goal of their lives is slaughter. They are killed by electrocution while it takes around 5 torturous minutes to die. In cases in which it takes more time, these dogs are hanged in front of their comrades. 

As a result of the charity workers’ actions, this horrible market was shut down in favor of building a public park.

A milestone like the closure of Gupo’s dog meat market marks the beginning of the end for the dog meat trade in South Korea. It’s living proof that when law enforcement and local authorities come together, a real change can happen.

It wasn’t the first action officials have done to stop the trade, but it’s a huge achievement to the animal rights’ world.

Changes are happening. Last year, the country’s largest dog slaughterhouse, Taepyeong was shut down. A few months ago the mayor of Seoul vowed to close all the dog butcheries in the city following an animated animal rights show.

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Dog meat isn’t a common food in South Korea, but it’s a common tradition to eat dog meat in July and August.

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Humane Society International was involved in plenty of closures and rescues. They reckon that there are thousands of dog meat farms all over the country that have over two million dogs. But fortunately, the pressure works and farmers start abandoning the dog meat market.

Jean Chung

The dog markets are horrifying places to be. Dogs are displaced in cages, the smell is terrible, and animal abuse is par for the course.

Thankfully, the rescued dogs have been transferred to capable and caring hands. They are first moved to a temporary shelter to receive immediate medical care, after which they will be transferred to new homes or flown to shelters in America or Canada.

There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. The Korean dog meat industry is falling due to law enforcement, local communities’ actions and animal rights’ activists who never stop working.

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