Animals Are Becoming Nocturnal Just To Avoid Human Encounters

Once in a while, the media reports wildlife that roams in human habitats. Although wild animals are beautiful and exciting, they could be deadly if they feel too comfortable or threatened. 


While having wildlife guests paying a visit to your neighborhood may make you feel special, it is a red flag ecologically wise. In fact, it is unnatural and shows that something is unbalanced in the local ecological system. 

Sadly, wild animals lose their lives at times when the community feels like they pose a threat. But when we think about it, animals lived on the lands we have built communities on before us. 

But now, as humans affect the ecosystem in innumerable ways, animals started changing their behavior and in order to avoid us. As much as we are intrigued by wildlife, they aren’t as much intrigued by us, and they even try to interact with humans as least as possible.

A study discovered that animals change their behavior for the simple reason of avoiding humans. Diurnal animals that live their lives the same hours that we do are becoming nocturnal for they just don’ t want to have any encounters with humans.


The study shows that it happens worldwide, not only in specific areas. Researchers have been using surveillance equipment and animal tracking abilities to check how much our presence affects the way animals behave, and they have found that it affects them profoundly. 

And as we ask ourselves why do they try to avoid us, the answer is quite simple; fear. Diurnal animals see humans as predators because in some cases we are, but in others, we are just too extrovert when it comes to everything. We are too noisy and smelly, they watch their companions being killed by fast cars, etc.


We cannot blame them for being scared of us and wanting to stay away; cities are getting bigger, we take over more animal habitats and leave them with less space to roam and live their lives. 

Now animals have figured that being active at night is safer than in the daytime. “Temporal partitioning” is the name of the phenomenon; they shift it because humans aren’t considered as a threat during the night as they are while the sun is out. 


While we normally live our lives and do everything to make progress and better its quality, animals are affected by it more than we think. We must be careful and understand that we are not alone on this planet and we need nature to exist harmonically because we need it more than it needs us.


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