Animal Lover Makes Stylish Mattresses For Rats And Matching Rat Pajamas!

While we are all smitten by various adorable animals that go viral on social media, it turns out the rats are adorable too! One of the best viral content out there is animals sleeping in an endearing way, but this woman took the sleeping part to the next level.

A netizen @YEMolly is a rat lover who makes unique mattresses, especially for rats. She decided to open her own ETSY shop, ‘Lord Duncan the Rat’, and once she announced the world about her unique merchandise, it quickly went viral.

She posted some adorable pictures of her adorable rats modeling her ‘rattresses’ on Twitter, and they have amassed over 20K likes! She dresses her pet rats in matching pajamas, which have captured the internet community.

They must-have ‘rattresses’ are made out of special materials that are safe for rats, and they are about 8 x 8 inches. She named her Etsy shop after her beloved rat, who graciously posed for the camera.

Unfortunately, Lord Duncan has recently passed away and is now in rat heaven. We are impressed by all the incredible things that people have been saying about the sweet rat, and his memory will linger in his family and friend’s hearts forever.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Many don’t know that rats are social and intelligent animals. We have heard a lot about rat owners that find them incredible pets. Although they are easy to care for, they still require some maintenance, and they love getting attention. It is important to give them outdoors time, outside of their enclosures so they could enjoy the fresh air and stretch their legs.

Since they are social animals, having a rat companion would be ideal for them. Same-sex pairs would be best, and it would be great if they are introduced at a young age.

Rats are also known as ‘pocket-sized dogs’ for their impressive ability to learn. The adorable animal is quite clean, and grooms itself more than cats do! Rats are more intelligent than people might think; they recognize and respond to their humans, and you can teach them tricks too. And perhaps the worst thing about rats is that their lives are far too short (2 to 3 years).

People go crazy over the adorable unlikely pet and their stylish ‘rattresses‘:

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