Animal Activists Calls Out on Abusive Zoo in Thailand, Showing Painful Footage

Elephants are tied up in inch long chains and tigers are fed with sticks

Peta, showing appalling conditions the animals are kept in. 


Animal rights activists has called to ban the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, south of Bangkok, after animals were repeatedly filmed in poor conditions on a Peta investigation. 

Distressed elephants are shown standing tied by inch long chains and rocking their heads back and forth, indicating of great psychological distress, crocodiles swim in dirty pools filled with trash, and agitated tigers are fed by visitors using sticks.


Asian Black Bears were filmed scratching nervously against the side of a concrete pool. 


Crocodiles are also kept in cramped places and swim in filthy ponds, while tigers and gorillas spend their days in tiny cages.


As one of Thailand’s biggest zoo attractions, activist groups are calling out for businesses to stop sending tours and boycott working with the zoo.

This may have proved to work, as this week Ctrip, China’s biggest online booking agency has cut ties with the zoo. Ctrip owns skyscanner and other tourist platforms, impacting the zoo’s future.

PETA spokesman Jason Baker said: ”Ctrip did the right thing in nixing tickets to this despicable, abusive, brazen operation.


In an investigation by National Geographic, was found a four-year-old elephant Gluay Hom which they said was emaciated, had a limp leg that he was refusing to stand on, and a large sore on the side of his head.

Khai Khem, an ageing tiger, was reported to have dental abscess so severe that it was eating through his jaw.

When contacted, owner Uthen Youngprapakorn said the fact that both animals were still alive was proof they were being cared for, then threatened to sue.


Despite all the growing pressure, the thai zoo continues to operate and animals are still forced to endure daily cruelty. 

‘PETA is calling on all travel companies still offering excursions to such facilities to follow Ctrip’s compassionate, business-savvy example and strike exploitative businesses from their itineraries.’

PETA said that the ‘zoo handlers jabbed elephants with sharp metal spikes and forced them to give rides and perform tricks such as bowling, painting, and dancing.’

No comment was received from The Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

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