An Orphaned Kangaroo And Wombat Comfort Each Other And Soon Become Inseparable

We love stories of cross-species bonds here at Go Animals, so we were very happy to come across these two charming fellas from the land down under.

Unfortunately, the beginning of Buggy the kangaroo’s and Wally the wombat’s friendship is anything but a cheerful one. Both were found orphaned at a very young age and brought to the Lindoway Farm in NSW, Australia. Right from the start, the two’s dire background gravitated them toward one another.

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The duo’s human mom recalls that whenever the two were allowed outside they’d always be together. Buggy would be jumping all over his wombat friend and sucking on his ears and it’s absolutely adorable! watch it here:

After their mother would tire them down and their ‘pouch time’ came along, she would put them in two separate pouches. It didn’t take them even 10 minutes to find their way into each other’s pouch and they were always found snuggled together.

Just see for yourself in the video below:

Wally and Buggy’s bond is unique and inspiring. They didn’t focus on their differences and found comfort and a friend in one another when they needed it the most.

Share their incredible story and brighten someone’s day at these uncertain times.

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