An Anonymous Man Covers Racist Graffiti With Cat Stickers

Graffiti or street art used to be stigmatized as immoral art or even vandalism. Nowadays, the times changed, and so did the perception of spray art. Many artists use spray art in order to convey or simply spell out social and political criticisms and combine amazing colors and abstract shapes in most of their creations.

Unfortunately, some people could use the art for spreading offensive messages, such as racist slurs and drawings that influence our culture badly. That’s what happened in Manchester city recently; someone took advantage of the empty walls and made them his canvas. Instead of spreading joy and insightful meanings, they chose to fill the lives of people with terrible racial sightings.  

In an unexpected twist, an anonymous good Samaritan had decided to do something about the situation. He found a very creative way to handle it and transform abusive messages into genuine beautiful spray art.

An anonymous man in Manchester found a creative solution to deal with racist graffiti in his town

One man in Manchester had decided to get creative and covered many graffiti drawings with adorable cat posters.
The adorable cat posters spread quite a positive message. They remind people how infantile and redundant racism is and encourages them to focus on the lovely things in life, like cats!

Instead of painting over it or pretending that they don’t exist, he covered them with cutie kitty posters

The kitty posters spread sweetness all around, and remind people how redundant racism is

Many citizens in Manchester have noticed the posters all over the city. Nobody knows who’s the good Samaritan behind this incredible act, but the signs themselves are bought from an Australian organization named The Cracks Appearing Distro
Why order the posters from that specific location? That’s another mystery. We have to admit that they’re very charming and certainly get the job done.

The posters come from an Australian company

In Europe, covering racial graffiti has recently become a trend: aside from Manchester, another good Samaritan in Berlin is transforming swastikas into beautiful drawings

The Australian organization sells a pack of thirty posters for 14$ only, which is really cost-effective. We are tempted to order a few for ourselves, in case we stumble upon an annoying graffiti that sends the wrong message to the world. 

Racial graffiti is quite common all over Europe, and so does covering it or transforming it into beautiful art. Another good Samaritan in Berlin is also trying to fight swastika drawings, by altering the way that they look into something beautiful. We truly hope that these awful messages will be cleaned off the streets. We wish all the people who fight racism the best of luck.

Just look what a little magic touch could do, to make our world a better place: the anonymous do-gooder turned the awful swastika into a beautiful fly

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