An Abandoned Cat Was Rescued And Spent The Rest Of His Life Nurturing Other Abandoned Kittens

Runt is an abandoned cat that spent his life alone on the streets. One day, the cat shelter rescued him, and his life turned around. 


A representative from the shelter explained that the cat arrived in extremely poor condition. He had many open wounds, a respiratory infection, and many open wounds.

The survivor cat was in bad condition, the Lake Country Animal Shelter in Florida was the one to rescue him and change his life for good.   

It took time ‘til he was ready to find a foster home. He received the care he needed at the clinic and when he was healthy enough to leave it, gracious Emily decided to take the fighter cat home with her.

After spending several weeks at the clinic, and brought to a loving foster home, he has finally received the right treatment and life that he deserves. Runt is having the time of his life; He takes naps after yummy launches, he made some friends and he chills the whole day through.


It didn’t take long ‘til Emily realized that Runt isn’t going anywhere, she knew she wanted to keep him.

Emily doesn’t rest; she rescued another kitten and took him home. There’s always a question of whether different creatures will bond or hate each other. But big Runt was just incredible, he welcomed the kitten with open paws and showed him around.

Runt has been through so much, he appreciates life and he knows how it feels to be alone on the streets. So whenever Runt meets new orphans he does everything to make them feel at home.

One of the orphans that Runt made a real impact on is Dolly. She was found inside a truck’s engine block. The shelter rescued her and put her with another cute kitten, she didn’t get along so well.


Emily took her home and Runt was there to make sure everyone is comfortable.

He groomed and nurtured her as if he were her father, Dolly started to open up and feel much more comfortable.

Emily explained that Runt has become a surrogate father to all of the kittens that pass through her house.  Runt has lots of love and affection to give, he remains their ‘father’ and makes sure that everybody is calmed down and happy.

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