Amazing Woman Sells Cupcakes to Afford her Dog’s Chemo Treatment

Max is an adorable husky, who was adopted a few weeks ago, by a kind woman named Veronica Macias Martinez. She adopted the pup from a bird salesman and swore to give him the best care possible.

The two spent a few incredible weeks together till Veronica soon came to learn that her beautiful, gentle husky might be suffering from cancer. The news shocked her deeply.

Now, in order to try to save his life and afford his medical bills, Veronica, the 24-year-old, has started to sell cupcakes at the Plaza Zaragoza square in the city of Hermosillo, state of Sonora, northwestern Mexico. This is her last resort.


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The devoted human mother has been trying to raise enough money to pay for Max’s treatment. 

Our story began when Veronica started to feel lumps around Max’s neck. Young Veronica was quite upset to find the bump and rushed Max to the vet ASAP.

The vet dismissed Veronica and said that Max only has a minor infection. Although the medication he prescribed helped at first, Veronica had soon realized that Max was covered with lumps all over his body!

She knew that this was much more than just an infection, so she decided to go and ask for a second opinion.


The second vet saw the lumps and ordered an urgent biopsy. Veronica is still waiting for the results.

Veronica felt broken by the news, not to mention that the pet hairdresser is a sworn animal lover. The young woman couldn’t believe that her poor husky is suffering from such an awful disease. What could she do?

Although Veronica is only 24 years old and has a baby of her own, she isn’t willing to give up on Max. Every weekend, she goes to the square and sells more cupcakes.

The money she saves is meant to pay for poor Max’s future expenses. Veronica has already bought vitamins and paid for the biopsy, which wasn’t cheap. She’s aware that there’s a long road ahead and believes that if she saves in advance, she might have enough money to save her baby dog’s life. 

She has already put some money aside; in case she needs to take her pooch to the vet again.


Poor Max has lumps all over his body, but he’s helping his human mommy raise money for his treatment

Last weekend, Veronica baked over 200 cupcakes, so she could sell them at the square and save her beloved canine. She is still awaiting the biopsy results and hopes for the best.

Last time she spoke with the vet, he implied that Max would probably need to have chemotherapy, but he’s not sure which kind yet.


Veronica has been doing her best to save money, so she could afford Max’s highly expensive treatment

The vet suggested that Max might be suffering from neoplasia, which is an abnormal growth of tissues around the body. In other words, too many tissues grow more than they should, and in severe cases, could create malignant tumors. That means that some of the lumps on Max’s body could be cancerous.

Veronica vows to keep selling cupcakes until she’s sure that her beloved pooch is on his way to recovery. Max loves to help Veronica at the stand and holds the stand’s sign to show people why this venture is so important.

We all hope that Veronica will succeed in her mission. Thank god that Max was brought to such an amazing, kind-hearted soul.

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