Amazing Footages From Camera Placed In A Water Bowl For Stray Animals

Meet Ahmet Selki, an animal lover from Turkey who does a small little thing to save animals’ life.

In Selki’s city, there is a saddening phenomenon of stray pets roaming around looking for water, food, and shaded spots during the boiling weather. One of the greatest risks in homeless pets’ lives is getting dehydrated. But Selki is there to make sure they always have a source of freshwater.

Selki decided to do something about the common issue and came up with a brilliant idea; placing water bowls on sidewalks for stray animals.

Lots of dogs sneak to the bowls to drink some water and leave right away, so the animal activist doesn’t get the chance to greet them. 

He decided to set cameras at the bottom of a bowl to watch the adorable animals enjoy the freshwater.

Here’s the incredible footage:

Selki was so happy with the results since he discovered that its not only dogs and cats that drink from his bowl but also butterflies. 

It’s amazing how little effort makes animals’ life much better. Water literally keeps them alive.

Selki hopes that the adorable video will inspire other thoughtful people to help stray animals as he does.

Selki understands that animals find themselves entirely at the mercy of others, and it is our responsibility to help them as much as we can.

Remember, leaving a bowl with fresh water can save animals’ lives. Be a lifesaver today by placing one (or a few).Follow Ahmet Selki’s Instagram account to see more of his inspiring work.

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