Almost No One Talks About The Australian Bird That Has Also Fallen Victim To The Horrendous Fires

Apparently, the Australian wildlife consists of much more than a few Kangaroos, Koala’s, and 187 different species of animals that would surely kill you in less than an hour. There’s also the Australian Robin, a sweet, tubby, and HARMLESS, little bird. The bird’s almost perfectly round shape, and vibrant pink tummy, give it an adorable cartoonish look.

The Australian Robin is endemic to south-eastern Australia and Tasmania. 

They’re relatively hard to spot, as a result of their miniature size, and the fact that they are much much quieter than other species of robins. The Australian Robins breed in dense eucalyptus forests, dark gullies, and moist rainforests.

Even though most media coverage of the Australian bushfires, has focused on more recognizable endemic species like Kangaroos and Koalas, given the bird’s habitats, it’s safe to assume that the Australian Robin’s population was also severely affected by the fires.

Since many robins escaped the fires, it’s hard to estimate precisely how many of them lost their lives in Australia’s latest natural disaster, until they return to their habitats.

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