Alleged Spy Whale Saved A Norwegian Woman’s Phone

Have you ever looked at the sea hoping to see something magnificent? Imagine seeing a magical white whale appearing in the open waters of Norway.

Recently, an unexpected guest visited Hammerfest, Norway. Meet the Beluga whale known as the sea canary for its high-pitched calls. This cute Beluga showed up in Norway’s coast with a harness fitted to his white body, suspected to be trained and sent by the Russian Navy.

The Norwegians released the cute Beluga from the tight harness, and surprisingly he stayed around. After a while of getting to know the special guest, they realized that it’s a very unique whale.

After a while, Ina Mansika and her companions bend down towards the water to see whether the adorable Beluga was still there and they were amazed to see him approaching them to say hello.

But then, the craziest thing happened, while heading down to the water, Mansika’s phone fell into the deep ocean, the friendly Beluga did a shocking thing, he swam down to catch her phone and on the top of that, he brought it back to her!

This is the video of the moment that you’ll never forget

They were all shocked that it dived down to bring her phone back. Even though the water ruined her phone she was still grateful for the cute Beluga’s deed.

The adorable Beluga’s past is pretty vague, it is uncertain whether he is used to be around humans or whether he is used to live in the wild. In accordance with the Washington Post, officials consider a plan to relocate him to a sanctuary in Iceland so he will have a safe place to be an awesome kind Beluga whale.

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