All Eyes On First American Rescue Dog Show

Generally speaking, dog shows usually divide the participants by breed. But in this spectacular show, dogs are being judged by their awesome character. It’s been the second year of ‘The American Rescue Dog Show’ and people can’t wait to watch the next show that will take place in January 2020!

This fun dog show hosts some celebrity judges, and the hosts are Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen.

The categories are incredible! From funny to inspiring, here are the rescue dog show categories: Best In Snoring, Best In Special Needs, Best In Underbite, Best In Kissing, Best In Listening, Best In Wiggle Butt, Best In Fetching, Best In Senior Dog and Best Couch Potato.

The category winners compete on the Best In Rescue title and are given a prize of no less than $75,000 which is granted by The Petco Foundation.
The adorable dog rescue stories are shared every year, so people could fall in love with them and be inspired by their journeys.
The first-ever show in 2018 was a huge success! People were obsessed with it.
Think about hundreds of beautiful rescue dogs roaming around and hope to get the ultimate prize. But the main purpose of the show is even more amazing; raising worldwide awareness of rescue dogs, hoping to find all homeless dogs forever families.

The host, Rebecca Romijn, is proud of the show, she hopes that people will be inspired by it and adopt pets instead of buying them.
The beautiful contestants are being judged by their traits rather their breed.
Rescue organizations’ staff members dedicate their lives in rescuing homeless pets all over the world.
We could not imagine what they would do without those outstanding human beings.

Please donate rescue organizations for they cannot maintain their work without people’s help. You can reach your local shelter, and ask them how to contribute.

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