After Mating With Five Females In Pet Hotel, Male Cat Is Exhausted Needing Glucose Drip

Generally speaking, indoor cats are less engaged with other cats than feral felines. When a male cat had a chance to associate with female cats, he didn’t waste a second and went all for it.

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The Zhao family from Guangdong Province, South China, dropped off their Russian Blue cat named Xiaopi at a pet hotel. Reportedly Zhao informed the staff that Xiaopi wasn’t neutered, but when he picked him up, he was shocked by what he found out.

The cat was probably excited to meet some girls and was caught on camera mating with at least five cats! Seemingly, he didn’t take in mind that he would need medical attention after messing around all night.

He explained on social media: “I thought they’d be professional, but the staff member didn’t feed Xiaopi during the day and let him out to roam freely at night.”

“That’s right, all the cats were free to walk around the shop and then the employee went home. Between around 10.40pm and 5am, my cat mated with five female cats. And those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage.”

Asia wire

After mating with at least five cats in one night, Xiaopi was left exhausted, needing a glucose drip. Since the staff didn’t put him in his own enclosure, he could walk freely at the hotel and mate with other cats.

The other cats’ owners were upset that their cats mated that night and the staff blamed Xiaopi’s owner for his behavior as Zhao left surprised to be accused of the incident.

Zhao was upset about the hotel’s reaction: “They had the nerve to be upset with me. They wanted me to explain the situation to all the other owners. “My f***ing cat is exhausted and on a glucose drip, and this is my fault?”

He later updated that the pet hotel apologized for their unlikely reaction and offered to compensate them by paying for the fluid therapy.

He continued: “They’re going to compensate each pregnant cat’s owner 500 Renminbi (NZ$110), and have promised to sell any kittens on their behalf. The other owners have also told me they’ll either give me a kitten or 1000 Renminbi ($220) if their cats turn out to be pregnant.”

Russian Blue cats are pretty expensive; the most exclusive ones can cost more than $2000.

Happily, Zhao updated that his beloved cat recovered, and he’s back in a stable condition.

The bizarre story has made its rounds on social media, and the internet community is shocked by the unlikely incident.

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