After Her Painting Got Mistaken For A Van Gogh She Makes A Whole “Starry Night” Seria Of Dogs

“Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and gray”, Don Mclean.

After an educational blog shared her Eiffel tower painting that got mistaken for a Van Gogh piece of art, she decided to go with it and paint a series of things that Van Gogh didn’t get the chance to see, ‘Van Gogh Never’. And now she’s back with a new incredible series which features dogs.

Aja Trier, an inspiring brilliant artist combines Van Gogh’s Starry Night style and inspirations from her life to create incredible works of art. Van Gogh’s creations still have lots of impact in today’s world. Aja Trier for example still analyzes his distinguished works of art. The combination of Van Gogh’s Starry Night style and her creativity is unbelievably beautiful.

The professional artist studied at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, she is a full-time artist started her business, Sagittarius Gallery, in 2003. Her admiration to Van Gogh started at home where she had plenty art books when she grew up. In 2001 she saw a Van Gogh piece for the first time.

The humane touch in works of art like the artist’s fingerprint or the movement while painting highly inspires her.

Aja says that the biggest challenge she faces when she paints her Van Gogh Serie is drying time since it takes a long time. Plus, people taking her creations seriously and some bash her for using Van Gogh’s style. But Aja is being sporty about it, she thinks that the way it all started is hilarious.

It all started after Aja painted the Eiffel Tower and called it “Seine” back in 2011. She published online and people started to share the beautiful painting with the caption “Eiffel Tower by Van Gogh”.

Aja’s Eiffel painting was posted by mistake on the educational blog and got so famous that she wasn’t able to correct everyone. She discovered the whole story when she came across a French educational blog that published an article about Van Gogh and there she saw her painting.

Since her painting god mistaken for Van Gogh she tried to contact a studio letting them know her painting wasn’t Van Gogh but they started to argue with her. Happily Aja takes it as a joke and doesn’t get offended.

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