After Escaping Car Crash Scene In Which She Lost Her Dad, Merlin Emerges From A Farmer’s Bushes

A crash car was the thing that separated between Simon Hannan and his beloved dog, Merlin. It was a horrible day in which Hannan lost his life in a car crash and his dog Merlin lost her dad forever.

Last month, Hannan was rushed in Australia from a car crash scene in the west of Bundaberg to the hospital where tragically, he passed away.

As dogs usually tend to do immediately after car crashes, poor Merlin was terrified and instinctively escaped from the horrifying scene. But while Merlin ran for her life, her favorite human fought for his life and didn’t make it.

Needless to say that his family was devastated by the loss of their beloved family member. But they were worried about precious Merlin as well. The North Burnett community came up with the idea of setting up a bid to assist the Hannans in tracking down the distressed dog.

The boiling hot weather made the heartbroken family lose hope because Merlin used to live in a caring home, rather than challenging outdoor conditions.

After Simon’s stepfather, David McDougall posted a plea to help to find Merlin on Facebook, the search made rounds on social media and caught the masses’ attention.

Interestingly, Bill Kerle, Eidsvold farmer who lives near the crash site, had been noticing a trespasser’s paw prints on his property which seemingly were Merlin’s.

Finally, the observant farmer tracked poor Merlin on Monday and knew he had to trap her somehow. Kerle decided to set up a trap in hopes he would be able to bring her back home. He tried to attract her to the trap using pork steaks he put on a dog bedding inside the trap.

Happily, the next day, he found the sweet canine asleep inside the trap. Simon’s mother, Jan and his stepfather came back home after they learned that dear Merlin was found.

Reuniting with Merlin gave Jan some comfort that her son’s dog is safe and sound. Jan was grateful for Kerle’s efforts to trap the lost dog, and although the humble man didn’t want public recognition, they wanted to show him their gratitude privately.

Although Simon’s family wasn’t quite an optimist about finding her after long 15 days, something remarkable happened. With over 17,000 shares and people all over the nation offering their help, Merlin was finally back home.

The compassionate farmer gave the grieving family a relief. And McDougall thanked the Eidsvold and Monto community for their dedication and help. Their hospitality was unbelievable, as the family stayed for days due to the car crash, local pubs wouldn’t let them pay for accommodation.

Brave Marlin seemed in a balanced condition, but she’s going to need lots of love and affection to adjust to her new life without her human dad.

Thankfully, Merlin was back home at safety. The power of a strong community is inspiring. Rest in peace, dear Simon.

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