After 2,381 Days In The Shelter A Grateful Dog Finds A Home

Higgins had been watching for over 6 adoptive families come and go, but nor they every chose him. He patiently sat in the shelter for 2,381 days hoping that one day, someone would be interested in him.

The executive director of The Humane Society of Preble County, Leslie Renner, didn’t give up on him. She was determined to find him a forever home because she knew he was worthy.

When Higgins was just a pup, he was brought to the shelter and adopted immediately. Only that a year later, he came back to the shelter when someone found him saying he was a homeless dog. After 2,381 days, no one came to the shelter to look for him.

By that time he was a year old, and people weren’t interested in adopting him, they wanted little puppies instead. His worried look on his made people at times ignore him and skip to the next dog.

When day 2,381 at the shelter had come, a 22-year-old man called Brendon Reed went to the shelter and said: “I’m here to take Higgins home.”

The staff members were shocked as the good-hearted young man explained he got his first place and wanted a furry partner. When Reed saw Higgins’ face on social media, he decided to be the one that rescues him from the lonely cage.

Brendon Reed

Higgins was ecstatic to be out of the shelter, to be free. He is now a spoiled dog who sleeps on the couch and has his own yard to run around freely, after more than six years of being locked.

Brendon Reed

We are so happy for both Higgins and Reed for the special bond they share. Thank you, Reed, for saving him.

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