Affectionate Pit Bull And Kitten Become Best Friends And Cuddle Together

Dogs and cats have a hate-love relationship. While some see each other as the worst enemies, others are best friends. 

This remarkable story is about a rescue pit bull who fell in love with an adorable kitten. 


Bubba is an affectionate pit bull who likes to take the role of nursing kittens. He is a living proof that we shouldn’t judge a dog by its breed, but rather by its heart. 

Bubba is a responsible dog who cares a lot for his little kittens; he baths them and keeps a watchful eye on them. 

The loving doggo was rescued from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, six years ago by his mom, Rebecca Pizzello. He was three months old when he was freed from the shelter and brought home for the first time.


While he was adopted, Pizzello’s roommate fostered a few kittens.

When the puppy and the kittens met for the first time, the roommates were shocked to see that the pit bull pup became friends with the kitten group. 

The litter and the puppy loved spending time together and play all day long. When the kittens found forever homes, Pizzello knew that she was going to adopt a kitten sibling.


Later on, she reached a few shelters in hopes to adopt a kitten, and after several weeks, Brooklyn Animal Action contacted her to say that they have a kitten for her.


She went straight to adopt the little kitten, Rue. When they got home, Bubba was ecstatic to meet his new cat sibling. The pit and the kitten became friends quickly, and now they are undivided. Bubba cares for the little kitten and protects it as if it was his child.


Here’s a video of the undivided duo:

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