Affectionate Dog Lived At The Garbage Dump And Begged People To Take Him Home

Hercules is a sweet dog who lived in a garbage dump in Turkey. Locals who used to through away their trash in that dumpster knew him very well.

The adorable dog was friendly and extremely excited to see humans come but sad to watch them leave. He would jump up onto their car windows and greet them. It was clear he was asking them to take him home with them.

As he kept on trying, no one was interested in taking him in. Unfortunately, Hercules wasn’t the only dog who lived in the garbage dump, there were more than 800 stray dogs trying to fend for themselves and survive each day.

Living in a garbage dump with 800 dogs isn’t easy. The cold gets to the bones, so they try to warm themselves up in piles of garbage. Fighting with hundreds of dogs over food was a real struggle too.

Gocke Erdogan, was a compassionate young lady who couldn’t watch them suffer, so she started to feed them and try to provide them medical attention. Rescuers Without Borders (RWB), a dog rescue organization in Turkey decided to team up with Erdogan and have found so far 47 homes for the poor pups. Meanwhile, they fed the others and provided them with medical treatments.

They started with finding the puppies and the older ones families for they struggle the most.

But Hercules was begging to leave that place. His condition got worse, especially after his favorite dog friend, Dudas had found a forever home. The canine duo formed a special bond, and Hercules relayed on Dudas.

When Dudas new mom, Amanda Cunefare, who is also a volunteer for RWB heard about Hercules, she didn’t think twice and was willing to adopt him too.

Hercules was sent all over to the U.S. where Cunefare and Dudas live.

Their reunion was unbelievably moving, they were ecstatic to see each other again and happy to finally have a loving home.

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