Affectionate Boxer Volunteers As Foster Mom For Little Kittens

Meet Suzie, an 8-year-old wise boxer from Ohio. Suzie is an intelligent dog that is happy to share her life experience and notions with others, especially with foster kittens. But when Suzie met a little kitten named Tina Merlot, she was hooked and took her under her wing.

Kelly Hartman, the boxer’s mom, is an animal lover who fosters kittens in need.

It all started when Hartman was thinking about fostering a puppy so Suzie would have a furry companion, but it turned out that  Suzie is a big kitten lover.

When Hartman arrived at the local shelter, she intended to provide a shelter dog a temporary home. Somehow when she walked out of the shelter, she had five kittens with her. She was a bit skeptical about her dog’s reaction, but she had to try.

Suzie didn’t mind at all, vice versa, she loved having some company. Since then, Hartman has been fostering motherless kittens, and Suzie plays an essential part of being an incredible role model.

Although Suzie loves all her foster kittens, there’s one special kittie who holds a special spot in her heart, Tina Merlot. 

Tina’s story is a special one. When her rescuers saw her for the first time, she was just about two days old, and they thought she was dead. She was lying by herself when it was freezing outside. They were heartbroken that the little kitten didn’t have a chance to live a full life and so they were going to bury her, but then one of her feet started to move.

A volunteer nurtured the miracle kitten for a couple of weeks till she was ready to be taken in by the rescue. Then she fell into Hartman and Suzie’s hands.

Suzie gives Tina special attention since the motherless kitten is all alone; she doesn’t even have siblings with her. Tina adores Suzie, she sees her as a mother. The affectionate dog introduced Tina to the other fosters and helps the kitten to get along.

Hartman had a glass of wine one day with her friend, and they noticed that Tina’s body would fit perfectly into a glass of wine, and so they named her Tine Merlot.

Tina is now at safety, she was taken off the streets and given a chance at a better life. She is getting more playful each day and flourishes under Suzie’s care.

Suzie has the most adorable Instagram account which has drawn over 52K followers! She surely inspires the world. Stop by Suzie’s Instagram account (@suzie_and_kushi) for more adorable pictures of the boxer fosters little kittens.

Thank you, Suzie and Kelly, for making the world a better place.

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