Adorable Tiny Fox Is Captured Napping On A Tree Stump

Sara Ryan’s parents have been under lockdown in Canada, due to the coronavirus epidemic. They’ve also been distancing themselves from social interactions, so their lives looked pretty grey and dull lately.

Fortunately, the adorable couple had a surprise waiting for them in their window, and they were so happy to discover that even during the worst of times, you could find bliss.

Whenever the two looked through their window, they enjoyed the adorable sight of an endearing fox napping on a tree stump.

Sara reported that her parents were so excited about the beautiful fox; it really brightened up their days at home. 

The fox was first discovered last Tuesday by Sara’s dad, while he was looking outside, enjoying nature. They had a tree in their yard, which was chopped in the previous year, and only had its stump left. Right on that stump, Sara’s father spotted the sweet and tired creature.

Sara’s dad went to see the fox from up close. The fox gazed up at her dad and went right back to sleep. He was completely comfortable with her dad’s presence. 

Since the tree is well-hidden behind the Ryans’ family garage, it can’t be seen by just about anyone. The fox is probably aware of that, and feels like he can relax in such a serene and secluded environment. 

The parents were so happy that the fox felt that way because they just loved watching him all day long. He looked so peaceful.

Sara’s dad noticed that the fox wasn’t on his stump during the night, seemingly due to the fact that foxes are nocturnal animals. However, when morning came, the adorable fox came back to his favorite stump to rest his eyes after a long night of fun and hunting.

Sara saw how the fox made her parents so happy and wanted to spread their joy and so she decided to share photos of the sweet little fox on Twitter.

The post went viral within a few hours, and people from all over the world were touched by the incredible serene fox’s images. Although the fox is unaware of his sudden climb towards stardom, he has definitely put a lot of smiles on people’s faces during these tough times, and for that we all thank him.

Sara was also content with her post: she was glad that her viral tweet made so many people happy in such a complicated period. 

We hope that the sweet fox will keep lifting Ryan’s spirits, and enjoy his new home for as long as he can.

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