Adorable Rescue Dog Has Helped His Mama Foster 200 Rescue Pups

Kilo started his life by living in a horrible backyard without food. He was exploited to breed and was a part of a Pitbull puppy production. His sad life story was about to end in a California kill shelter until he met his guardian angel.

Candice Miller was a mom of three pooches already, but when she met Kilo, she was smitten by his charm and found his story really heartbreaking.

The poor pooch hid at the back of the cage till Candice convinced him to come closer as he approached hesitantly. Despite the hard work of trying to show him that people can be good too, Kilo hadn’t gained enough confidence to catch potential adopters’ attention. It didn’t take long till he was listed to be put down.

When Kilo’s last day arrived, Miller reached the shelter and found out he was in the holding area waiting for his last moment. She leaped into action and drove straight to the kill shelter to rescue him from certain death.

That was the moment she knew hands down he’s going to be a part of her family. A few days after Kilo settled in his new home, Miller decided to foster Penny, an orphaned puppy who needed 24/7 care.

The poor pup refused to eat from the bottle, but then Miller had a lightbulb moment, she put the bottle on Kilo’s tummy that warmed the formula and gave the tiny pup a scene of nursing from a dog. That was the moment both Miller and Kilo found out puppies are his best therapy.

Watch Kilo and Penny’s friendship here:

Penny and Kilo became best friends! Penny grew in size and personality, and to this day, she doesn’t forget her loving surrogate-dad.

Since then, Kilo has been helping his mom nursing about 200 foster puppies! He inspired Miller and made it much more comforting, fostering puppies knowing she has a devoted canine volunteer by her side.

The pups adore him! They make him their playground as they climb him and jump on him while he takes naps. He cares for every litter and pup that Miller takes in with lots of love and passion.

When he was a poor breeding dog, he saw all the puppies leave, so perhaps his foster pups fill his heart. It was seven years ago when Kilo was adopted by his loving mom, and Miller has relocated to a 12-acre place in Oregon so she could take in more and more rescue dogs.

Her 12-acre property looks like a canine paradise, and you can follow their incredible journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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