Adorable Puppy Sleeps Like A Human

Puppies are one of the cutest things on earth, but aren’t they even more adorable when they sleep? Meet Paningning, she is one of the cutest puppies you’ll ever see. The tiny canine went viral because of one strange thing she does.

This pup sleeps like she had a bad work day and she’s been waiting for this moment the whole day long. She sleeps on her back as she was a puppy doll that was turned off.

Her owner Janess Cua shared pictures of Paningning lying on her back like humans do on a Facebook group Dog Lovers, Philippines, and the hilarious pictures quickly went viral. She now has over 55.5K followers in her Instagram account (yes, she has an Instagram account).

Since she was born, that’s the way she likes sleeping. Don’t get her wrong, Paningning is a happy energetic puppy, the only thing is that she sleeps like a tired human.

Don’t miss her hilarious picture (scroll down)!

Paningning isn’t Cua’s only pooch, she has Baobei, Paningning’s mother and her siblings. She looks different than her siblings. Her original name was
‘Maningning’, bright in Filipino, because of her unique colors. But Cua wanted a name that starts with ‘P’ so she changed it to ‘Paningning’.

One of Paningning’s fans created an Instagram account that is really successful and turned it to Cua so she can keep all the fans posted. You can see in her Instagram account adorable pics of her sleeping and even other pictures of her growing into an adult doggo.

Apparently, we have more in common with Paningning than we thought for her favorite things to do are eating and sleeping. Although she seems angelic in the pictures she is like any other puppy, playful and looking for troubles.

Paningning photos were an inspiration to lots of memes that instantly went viral.

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