Adorable Puppy Sits Quietly With His Legs Crossed And Watches The Rain

They say that the best things in life are free, but with everything that’s going on right now, this fact is easy to forget. Luckily, we often get small friendly reminders, from those who experience these simple things for the very first time. One of those is this adorable puppy, who sits quietly and watches the rain.

The owner of the precious brown and white furball captured the adorable moment. Needless to say that it wasn’t long before the adorable pup became an online sensation. One viewer commented: “This little dog has got it so right. Enjoy the simple things in life the things most of us let pass by. Like everyone else I love the crossed legs so relaxed.” While another added:  ”It’s the simple things in life, such a cute little dog, love the way his little legs are crossed💕”.

We’re glad that this pup reminded us that regardless of everything that’s happening, it’s important to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy life’s little gifts.

Watch the adorable moment the puppy sits quietly with his legs crossed and watches the rain:

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