Adorable Pup Was Born Without Front Legs Now Flourishes and Loves Life

It was 2017 when a special pup named Nubby was born. The little canine was born without front legs and was weak and smaller than usual. Although his mother cared for him, his siblings weren’t easy on him.

Being an outsider for a little puppy can be quite stressful; when it was time for food, he couldn’t eat since his siblings passed him. The vet wasn’t confident about Nubby’s well-being.

When Lou Robinson, a kind-hearted woman learned about Nubby’s story, she knew they belonged together.

Robinson runs an animal rescue organization Warriors Educate About Rescue with her husband, Mark. Their organization educates children about being compassionate to animals. The lovely couple takes in rescue dogs whenever they need a foster family as well. But Nubby was a challenging case.

They wanted the disabled dog to have the special care he needed and found that his condition required round-the-clock bottle-feeding to prevent the milk from getting into his lungs.

It didn’t take long till Nubby, and his parents formed a unique bond. With time Mark and he were inseparable, and Nubby’s favorite sleeping spot was Mark’s shoulder.

As time flew by, Nubby had flourished into a bountiful puppy!

But one day, his parents noticed his condition made a turnaround and learned that he still had pneumonia. The furry fighter was rushed into ICU where he nearly lost his life. Happily, in the matter of a few weeks, he started to come around.

When he was finally ready to come back home, they realized how much they loved him and decided to make him their family member officially.

These days, the lovely pup is two years old and lives life to its fullest. Using a wheelchair, he goes around independently and runs around the house. He even joins Lou at times when she goes to teach in schools.

Nubby Bowlin

Tiny Nubby adores kids, and he surely inspires them.

Now he has lots of responsibility as a foster father! Earlier this year his parents took in a litter of orphaned pups and Nubby was ecstatic to be there to set an example and care for them.

Nubby Bowlin

One of Nubby’s favorite humans is Lou and Mark’s granddaughter. Whenever he sees her, he can’t control his happiness and drowns her with kisses.

Nubby Bowlin
Nubby Bowlin

Lou and Mark created an Instagram account, especially for sweet Nubby and in no-time, more than 67K followers were smitten. Nubby inspires the entire world. He cherishes every waking moment with his beloved family and makes sure everyone knows how much they are loved by him.

Nubby Bowlin

Thank you, Lou and Mark, for believing in Nubby and showing him what life is all about.

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