Adorable Pup Plays Dead When She Realizes Is Going To The Vet

Animals are no different than us when it comes to the things we don’t like doing, and this sweet pup is proof of that! 

Meet Lulu, an adorable pup who hates going to the vet. When she had an appointment to be spayed, she decided to pull out an act that turned out to be hilarious but unsuccessful.

Lulu is always down for an adventure, but one thing she hates to do is going to the vet. She would go above and beyond just to get away with the vet appointment. 

The friendly pooch decided to play dead, hoping her parents David and Micki would figure she was dead and forget the appointment, but she had another thing coming.

She lives in New Zealand with her beloved parents and her loving siblings, Kate and Lily. Lulu was lucky enough to fall into the hands of an active family that likes to get outdoors and enjoy what the world has to offer since she always joins them.

They like sharing their adventures on their YouTube channel and Instagram account called ‘Fun Kiwi Kids’ and loves inspiring people to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

But one day, Lulu didn’t feel like being energetic and playful as she usually is. Happily, her unlikely behavior wasn’t due to bad conditions but purely an effort to skip the vet appointment. 

Micki knew she had to capture the hilarious scene when she saw Lulu curled up in bed, playing dead.  Many would agree that Lulu is a good actor; she laid on her back, not moving a muscle looking dead. Her mom called her to get up, for she had a vet appointment, but the doggo was frozen, hoping her efforts will succeed.

Her mom approached the canine actor to stroke her chest to get her up, but the show must go on, and Lulu refuses to give up. Then Micki brought some treats, and with no time, she forgot about her convincing act.

Her impressive efforts provided the internet community with a dose of doggie humor, and her video went viral immediately for all the right reasons.

Watch the hilarious video down below:

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