Adorable Pup Makes The Whole Airplane Laugh With Tears

Some people find flights delightful while others get anxiety just from thinking about it. But it doesn’t matter to which side of the map you belong, the next thing will make your day much better. 

When the Golden Retriever, Huxley, and his beloved mother, Ursula Daphne Aitchison were getting ready for the pup’s first flight from London to Ibiza, the adorable four-legged passenger wanted to greet his neighbors for the flight.

The well-mannered dog looked around and decided to hop on another seat in front of them to say hello to the man sitting there. Seemingly, the man enjoyed Huxley’s company, and the excited dog wanted to show off to his mommy.

The furry passenger found his new seatmate delightful; he totally forgot about his mom’s presence and didn’t listen to her. But then, the sound of a snack bag touched his ears and his all attitude had changed. 

When he smelled the scent of the crisps, he stuck his adorable head between the plane seats to try to grab one using both his tongue and adorableness.

But as you might have guessed already, his attempts weren’t successful, yet extremely hilarious and adorable! The passengers around were dying of laughter by his sidesplitting faces.

There was no doubt that even if the plane tickets were costly, these faces are worth everything! 

His mom knew the whole world deserved to see the incredible shots and posted them on Facebook. It goes without saying that he has won the world’s heart and gone extremely viral instantly.

Although he didn’t succeed to reach a snack from his mommy, he gave the whole airplane a dose of dog humor and made that flight one to remember.

Once he realized it wasn’t going to happen, he paid a visit to other passengers to make some more friends.

After spending about 30 minutes in that seat, the man gave him a 5-starts passenger review. During the whole time, Huxley gave the man his paw to hold, and the airplane was hooked.

It doesn’t get more adorable than this. For more adorable photos of Huxley and his family click here.

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