Adorable Pooch Waits By The Dryer, Worried About His Beloved Stuffed Bear

We all had a favorite toy, blanket or stuffed animal in our childhood. Well, apparently one sweet Cocker Spaniel felt the same way about his stuffed teddy bear because he was terrified watching it go into the dryer. 

Will the teddy bear survive the spinning machine? Only one way to find out! Habs, the dog, was so worried, that he decided to stand near the washing machine for the entire drying program.

Habs’ watchful eye never left the machine for a second, until his adorable teddy bear came out all clean and shiny. One thing is for certain, Habs will never let him out of his sight again.

The canine’s owner had to record the hilarious occurrence on video.

The sweet pooch has his very own Instagram account, which shows what a deep connection he has with his beloved bear.

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