Adorable Pit Bull Meets her Kitty Sister for the First Time

It is well known that many people tend to judge pit bulls. Although they have kind souls as other pooches do, many people believe that they’re vicious, dangerous and shouldn’t be kept as pets.

All true dog-lovers will know that all dogs are born as pure-hearted canines, but the way that they’re raised significantly determines their behavior as grown pups.

Although they’re strong, they don’t have to become aggressive or violent, if they receive the right love and care.

Our story is an excellent example of a pit bull and a sweet kitty becoming a family within seconds. The entire gathering was recorded on the cutest video, which quickly went viral.

In the video, we can see delightful Licious the pit bull meeting her tiny kitty sister for the very first time. Although Licious is big and strong, she doesn’t seem to frighten the pussycat: she approaches Licious with no angst and starts to play with the canine’s paws. 

Licious has a soothing vibe that the kitty obviously senses; she knows that the pooch would never hurt her, and tries to make a genuine connection with her.

The canine starts to get excited and begins to sniff the little furball and shower her love. Licious tried to clean the kitten and play with her, and the cat happily joined and rolled on to her back. 

It looks like these two cuties will become BFFs in no time; we’re sure that they’ll have a lot of adventures together, and we can’t wait to hear all about them.

Watch Licious and her new baby cat sister meeting for the first time in the video below. It’s the cutest union ever.

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