Adorable One-Eared Golden Pup Looks Like a Magical Unicorn

Instead of disapproving her, the world can’t get enough and showers her with love.

As it seems like the world is on the verge of a breakdown, it’s necessary to dedicate a moment and focus on positive things to keep my mind off of the hardship that we go through.

World, meet Rae! Although many people think that ‘unlikely’ is unloved, this one-eared pup has taken over social media by a storm with her adorable rare feature.

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What my ear looks like almost every time I come out of my crate after a nap!

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If you stop by her Instagram account you will come across her adorable bio which tells her story:” I’m a one eared golden retriever! Accidental injury at birth left me with only my right ear. As I grew, it migrated to the top of my head”.

Her must-follow Instagram account has drawn over 20.6K followers. People are obsessed with the sweet American pup! Her social media career outbreak has started on TikTok as millions of viewers watch her content over and over again for all the right reasons.

We are happy for Rae that she’s loved just for who she is! Both Rae’s family and herself are lucky to have each other.


Check Rae the Unicorn dog out on insta – goldenunicornrae ##petparent ##PlayWithLife ##fyp ##dog

♬ New Soul – Yael Naim

Netizens can’t help but showering her with love! Rae’s Instagram account has such incredible vibes that make people’s day.

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