Adorable Miniature Horse Rejected By Mother At Birth And Gets Adopted By A Loving Labrador

One of the most important lessons we as humans could learn from animals is to look beyond races, genders, and even species in order to form close and real relationships. The following story is a perfect example of just that.

Meet Chanel, she is a dwarf horse that was rejected by her mother at birth.

Chanel was extremely tiny and weak, so the breeder contacted Josh Dolan and Jenn Stribl of The Peeps Foundation, who kindly took her into their own family.
Given her size and vulnerability, Chanel required extra love and care and needed to be bottle-fed every two hours.

More than anything else though, the thing that helped Chanel to pull through the most was her loyal friend Huckleberry the white Labrador.


Because of her deformed legs, Chanel could barely walk and needed a lot of practice. Luckily for her, Huckleberry was happy to help her by slowly guiding her on short walks around the house.  Chanel grew stronger each day and it wasn’t long before Josh and Jenn started seeing her trot in their backyard.

Today Chanel is a happy miniature horse. As a result of her spending most of her life around Huckleberry and other dogs on the farm, she associates herself with being a Labrador rather than a horse, and adopted many of their behaviors; she prefers to sleep in the house instead of living in the barn, and whenever her canine friends play fetch she runs after them because she doesn’t want to be left out.
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