Adorable Kitten With Deformed Paws Pushes Himself To Find His Forever Home

A homeless kitten named Scooter was born with a set of deformed paws, which made his life pretty hard. Being a stray cat isn’t easy, but fending for himself without being able to walk and get around properly is barely possible.

But although Scooter didn’t have it easy, he always believed a forever family would take him in, despite his deformity. When he had enough waiting, he decided to go look for it himself, and the determined kitten was right to do that.

Scooter when to a nice lady’s backyard and meowed at the top of his lungs. When the lady heard the noises, she went outside to see what it was all about. When she noticed the little kitten, she took him inside and then brought him to the vet’s clinic.

The vet ran some tests and learned that sweet Scooter was born with shortened ligaments in his feet, which made his feet to turn in. Moreover, poor Scooter had a respiratory infection and eye infection.

After receiving medical attention that he needed badly, he started to recover and feel better. And then, his wish came true; a loving family fell in love with him despite his deformed legs and decided to make him their family member.

Scooter settled in at his new home quickly and he had his two kitten siblings to help him gaining confidence. His caring parents, Natalie and Anthony, adore the little man and shower him with lots of love. The adorable kitten grew in size and personality, and his foster siblings keep him busy round-the-clock.

Scooter teaches us that despite the difficulties, giving up isn’t an option, and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel if we keep pushing forward.

Watch Scooter’s journey on the video below:

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