Adorable Japanese Cat-Shaped Flip Flops Are Too Good To Be True

The Japanese brand Nara Getaya has featured the new stylish line of adorable cat-styled flip flops “Nyara Geta”.

Japanese know how to do it when it comes to fashion, they make some phenomenal over-the-top street stylings. But how about casual clothing for daily use? Flip flops are one of our best friends in the summertime; and a Japanese brand has made our lives much better with adorable colorful stylish flip flops that will let your feet finally breath.

We are happy to introduce you to the Nara Getaya brand which has recently featured the ‘Nyara Geta’ line. If you’re asking yourself what these words mean, we’ve conveniently translated it for you! ‘Nya’ means meow in Japanese, and the brand is originated in the beautiful city ‘Nara’ (which inspired Alt-J to write a song about it), and ‘geta’ means traditional Japanese footwear.

This awesome item is made from a soft material which tempts you to try it out, and once you do, you’ll never want to take it off.

A pair of these cool flip flops cost around 35$ (3,780 yen to be exact). You can choose one of the nine stylish designs which you can pair with a summer kimono for a bomb look.

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