Adorable Husky Is Overlooked Due To Her Unlikely Look, She Just Wants To Be Loved

Jubilee is Looking for an Owner who will Love Her Just the Way She is

Jubilee is the sweetest husky you’ll lay your eyes on. Unfortunately, some cruel people mistreated her because of her special look.

Our story began when Jubilee was surrendered to Husky House, based in New Jersey, about 2 years ago. Husky House is dedicated to helping huskies, so it was just the right fit.

Jubilee was brought to the rescue by her former owner; a dog breeder, that couldn’t sell her because of her strange look. The shelter happily took Jubilee off the breeder’s hands, knowing they would be able to provide a much better home for the lovable pup.

Husky House stated that they think Jubilee is a beautiful four-legged husky and that sure enough, they would be able to find the perfect home for her.

Although they’re fairly confident, it’s possible that Jubilee’s unique beauty could become an obstacle and prevent dog lovers from seeing and loving her as the amazing dog she is.

Jubilee used to be poorly treated, so it only makes sense that she feels a bit nervous around strangers and acts shy. It’s as clear as daylight that the pup is afraid to be misjudged because of the way she looks.

Even so, Husky House emphasizes that as soon as someone gives her a treat, she becomes their best friend. It’s lovely, and once Jubilee gets to know someone and feels safe enough, she’s a delight.

Hopefully, Jubilee will find her forever home with the help of the ever so committed Husky House.

Husky House keeps posting on their Facebook page about Jubilee and her need for a loving, caring home. Lately, these posts have gone viral; many people are finally starting to see Jubilee for who she is, and fall in love with her charm. 

Since her story has spread through the web, Jubilee’s chances of being adopted have increased. Hopefully, soon enough one unique family will step up and decide to give Jubilee a forever family.

To learn more about Jubilee, or to apply to adopt her and many other cute Huskies, visit Husky House’s website.

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