Adorable Fox Breaks In San Diego Home And Spends The Night

A curious fox wondered how a human’s home looks like and decided to break in and come through a side door in Ocean Beach. The wildlife took shelter and made itself home in the bathroom after the dog barked at him.

The 31-year-old resident, Kessa Pellum, fell asleep on the couch and woke up in the middle of the night when her sweet Frech Bulldog, Yoda, barked to wake her up and alert her regarding the trespasser.

She was home all alone, and when she got up the couch, the 7-year-old pooch started to run around the house and chase the unknown creature.

Her first assumption was that it was a raccoon, but when she looked again, she saw a grey animal snarling at Yoda.

The fox went to the bathroom and made a huge mess; he knocked over everything in the shower and the Himalayan salt lamp as well.

Pellum locked her pooch in another bathroom to keep it safe as the wildlife ran to seek shelter at her roommate’s bathroom. When she heard glass shatter, she closed the door and opened the sliding glass door to the connecting bedroom in hopes that the fox will manage to leave.

She went back to bed and hadn’t heard noises by the time she woke up, that’s the reason she assumed her new guest had left the bathroom, but when she checked to ensure he was gone, the sweet animal was still there, adorably curled up.

She walked out slowly and contacted the San Diego Humane Society to come. After half an hour, the animal control officer arrived with an 8-foot pole that helped him trap the young fox.
The San Diego Humane Society wrote:

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