Adorable-Fluffy Squirrels Are Found On One Japanese Island

Nobody would argue that squirrels are just adorable. But these Japanese squirrels are a whole new level of cuteness. 

Ezo Momonga squirrels aren’t the types that you could find climbing on a tree in your street. They are native to one place in the universe- Hokkaido, Japan. The Japanese island is one of the biggest islands in Japan and known for its beautiful nature.

Ezo Momongas, which are also known as Japanese dwarf flying squirrels, are a dose of endless cuteness. Their fluffy fur, chubby cheeks, and large eyes would make you fall in love with them immediately.

Although they can be found only on Hokkaido island, seeing them isn’t as common as seeing a regular squirrel for they are nocturnal. But if you’re patient enough, there’s a good chance to come across them. 

Since they aren’t as curious as other animals are, they don’ t tend to roam to far distances. They rather find a good spot between the trees to spend their time and enjoy their lives comfortably.

Their tummies are so chubby that they would make you want to squeeze them and never let go. Their cute little hands and feet are so tiny and delicate, they make us wonder how could they carry such a chubby creature.

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrels jump from tree to tree only when the sun goes down and it gets dark outside. As mentioned above, since they are nocturnal, it’s pretty hard to capture them on camera but those who are lucky enough to do that, take pictures that would make your day much better.

Since the little squirrels are tiny, predators aren’t interested in making them preys so luckily they aren’t endangered, and hopefully, it remains that way.

When we’ve heard about these adorable animals, we knew that people would be hooked! Let’s hope to travel to Hokkaido island and see those little angels one day!

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