Adorable Cat Has A Tail That Looks Like A Squirrel’s, Has Become An Instagram Sensation

Autumn brings with it lots of pleasures; more time in the evenings, rainy days to reflect life, leaves are beautifully changing color and falling to the ground and darker evenings, which lend themselves perfectly to study or have quality time with our beloved ones.

But one of the best things about autumn is watching squirrels play around and enjoy the fallen leaves.

So when it has come to our notice that this adorable feline has a ‘squirrel tail’, we had to see what it was all about.

Bell is a sweet cat who has a tail that looks like a squirrel’s, and for that, she has taken over social media. The minuet cat is a majestic feline who has the most fluffy tail that would just make you want to touch it. Her soft tail looks like a squirrel’s, which makes her a catsquirrel.

The renowned feline who lives in Japan has several animal siblings at home that always keep her company; she has both canine and feline siblings!

Ricorico_rico is her owner, has over 153K followers on Instagram who adore the special family. And guess what, her animal siblings are endearing too – they all make the most adorable family.

People are going crazy over her fluffy tail and her beautiful coat!

The 3-year-old minuet is a mix of Persians and Munchkins which is also known as Napoleon cat.

The minuet cats are scientifically healthy as they barely have health problems. The unique breed has an adorable round face, short legs, and a shaggy coat. Despite the fact Minuet cats have short legs, they are able to run and jump as other cat breeds do.

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