Adorable Beagle Takes In Orphaned Kittens And Makes The Best Mom

Meet Daisy, she is an adorable and affectionate Beagle who never had puppies before, but she’s still one of the best mamas out there.

When Daisy’s mom, Jane, came one day with tiny kittens, the beagle immediately approached them and knew the right course of action.

Although some may think her actions are unlikely for a dog, her mom wasn’t surprised at all because she knew that Daisy loves felines.


It is amazing to see Daisy’s maternal instincts; she is naturally good with them as if mother nature has prepared her to be a perfect mom. 

The loving canine cleans them and nurses them as if they were her own. 

Dexter and Fletcher love having Daisy as their mommy, and it seems like they are sure she is their biological mother.

Watch the adorable furry family:

It was love at first sight – she adopted them once she saw them, and they have been undivided ever since. 

Daisy loves cuddling and sleeping with her babies, and they love snuggling with her too.

The trio is a living proof that love comes in many shapes and sizes.

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