Adorable Baby Rhino Approaches Wild Photographer And Asks For A Belly Rub

Let’s admit it, we all wanted to work for National Geographic at least once in our lives. After all, being a wildlife photographer is one of the most exciting, beautiful, and intriguing professions out there.

Some photographers are lucky enough to experience beautiful encounters with wildlife. This time, an adorable baby rhino approached a wildlife photographer and asked him for some affection. 

The photographer captured the incredible scenario and shared it on social media!

The lucky cameraman is Garth De Bruno Austin a wildlife photographer who currently works in South Africa. He enjoys photographing wild animals, learning their different behaviors and customs.

Nevertheless, Garth could’ve never imagined such a cute encounter with a baby rhino; just when he thought that he was lucky to come across the sweet creature the baby rhino came over him with no fear whatsoever.

The baby rhino wanted someone to pet him and shower him with affection. At first, Austin was a bit timid but quickly realized that what the rhino was looking for was some love.

Austin was touched by the rhino’s affection and decided to post the video of the adorable gathering on social media. The video has spread like wildfire on social media as the incredible connection between a man and a rhino tugged at the world’s heart.

The fact that the baby rhino was the one to approach Austin was magnificent and shows that wild animals do wish to enjoy human company, all they need is just a guarantee that they’ll be safe and loved.

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