Adorable Baby Elephant Throws a Temper Tantrum And Refuses To Keep Walking

Elephants are truly amazing animals. If you take the time to watch their behavior, you can tell how perceptive, smart and calm they are. 

Just like human youngsters, baby elephants could also make a fuss, and even a tantrum, if they don’t get their way. In the video below, you can see a sweet baby elephant throwing a tantrum on the sandy ground. What did his mother do to calm the little one down?

It’s always challenging to find a way to stop your kid from causing a scene but this four-legged mom knows exactly what she’s doing.

Evidently, the clever mother elephant already had a technique in place, and it has worked wonders for her: she simply keeps her cool, and keeps on walking. She makes sure that her son knows that everything is fine and that she wasn’t affected by his spectacle. When she doesn’t pay attention to the tantrum, the adorable baby elephant simply calms down and quickly follows her. Although he’d already lost in their shared battle of the minds, the baby elephant didn’t want to miss his mommy – touché!

It looks like mommy elephant can teach us a trick or two about child-raising.

Watch the incredible mother catching her baby’s attention and ignoring him to get the result that she wanted. Thanks to his mother’s wisdom, the sweet baby elephant will learn to express himself better from now on. Good job, mommy!

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