Adorable Baby Cheetahs And Emotional Support Pups Become Best Friends

Just when you thought that you got your adorableness dose for today, these two baby animals are here to make your day!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

Cheetahs are shy, secretive and introverted. Since they are quite sensitive, too, they often get anxious.

When their stress level is too high, they don’t mate, which cause experts to worry since cheetahs are endangered.

In order to avoid anxiety and stress that could lead to their extinction, zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park assign each baby cheetah an emotional support dog!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

They believe that emotional support dogs could calm them and make them feel secure. Besides that, the dogs are perfect play companions for the cheetahs.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

It isn’t a new method; the Sad Diego Zoo Safari Park has been doing that for about 40 years. They started with assigning emotional support dogs to cheetahs who were extremely stressed, but these days they are used to help to preserve the cheetah population.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

The cheetah youngsters are assigned a canine pal when they get three months old. At first, the cheetah and the dog meet up by a fence that separates between the two. If the zookeepers see harmony between them, they two go on their first “play date” in which they get to know each other. 

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

It takes time until the cheetahs feel comfortable with the pups.

When the zookeepers believe they are a good match, they remove the canine’s leash and relocate the at a place where they could get used to each other’s company.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

The pup and the cheetah spend all day long together with the exception of mealtime. The emotional support animal method is extremely beneficial for the endangered cheetahs. When they get really close, they start to behave like each other and get really attached.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

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