Actor John Stamos Makes A Beautiful Tribute To His Lost Dog

One of the worst days for every dog owner is the day in which we have to part ways. Dogs fill our hearts with happiness and become a huge part of our lives, they become our family members. There are lots of people who have never owned dogs that do not understand how hard it is to lose a canine companion.

Dog owners who lost their beloved friends make some heart-warming tributes to cherish their memory. Sadly, American actor, John Stamos has recently lost his dog, Linka. She was a sweet German Shepherd that he loved from all of his heart.

His loyal pooch loved following him everywhere and always stood by his side. When Stamos had to say goodbye to his furry best friend, he was completely heartbroken.

The beautiful pictures of his lost love that Stamos posted captured people’s hearts. Along with her pictures, he described how special of a bond they shared: “She was always there, especially in the dark times. Never judging. By my side. Only loyal. #rip Linka.”

Celebrities are no different from the rest when it comes to losing a beloved one. It is clear that the American actor loved his doggo so much. He wanted to share his feelings with the world and cherish her. 

Rest in peace, dear Linka.

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