Abused Tiny Pup Left Inside A Plastic Bag Makes Inspiring Recovery

Hope’s life began in a cruel. When she was just a few weeks old, she was found inside a plastic bag inside a Coachella Valley dumpster. Fortunately, Alejandra Espinoza Zazueta rushed to the scene after she got a call from her mother about the abused pup.

When Zazueta saw poor Hope inside a plastic bag, she couldn’t believe her eyes. A part of the pooch’s tail was cut, and a huge part of her body was covered in burns. 

The right course of action seemed incredibly clear, and as she scooped her up, she called the Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control to report the horrible incident.She rushed to the local vet’s clinic, where the staff was horrified by Hope’s condition. They believed that she would get the proper medical treatment at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. When she got there, she immediately received medical care, and they believed that she would recover.

They learned that a big part of her skin was rotten, so they removed it in surgery. It seems like the burns were caused by a heated object or chemicals, seemingly intentional.

“It’s cruel. I honestly don’t understand how a person could do this to defenseless little puppies,” the rescuer said. “I am mind-boggled and distraught and furious that this is what happened.”

Zazueta fell in love with the pup instantly and knew that they belonged together. She waited for her to be recovered so she could take her home.

The staff worried that Hope would be unable to use her hind legs, but it didn’t make Zazueta take her word back. She just wanted the sweet dog to be healthy and happy.

Zazueta even planned to get Hopa a wheelchair, but happily, she is much better and doesn’t need a wheelchair! Hope is able to run around and be playful as every puppy should.

The tiny pup grew in size and personality. She is thriving in her new home, and grateful to have such a loving mom who showers her with lots of love. Zazueta is proud to see Hope being a happy and confident dog despite the hardship she has been through.

Although she still wears a bandage for her wounds, it doesn’t stop her from being energetic and making new friends.

“I want her to know that a lot of people care about her and she is safe with me and I can promise her that it won’t ever happen to her ever again,” she said.

Although Hope is okay now, the Animal Hope and Wellness foundation will not stop to search for the horrible person who abused her till he is found. The foundation offers a $20,000 reward to those who know who is responsible.

We hope that the person responsible will be found and face maximum jail time.To fund Hope’s medical treatment, Zazueta set up a GoFundMe page, hoping people will join the effort to help Hope get fully recovered.

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