Kids Abuse Poodle So He Played Dead Until Help Came Along

Judy Obregon is the founder of the rescue organization The Abandoned Ones. As part of her job, the woman is used to seeing animals in horrific conditions. When she got a call from a woman about a stray that was abused by kids, she thought it was yet another one of those cases. Much to her surprise, she later discovered that the smart stray poodle only played dead until she came to rescue him.

Obregon first came to learn about the troubled pooch from a resident of Fort Worth, Texas. The woman called Obregon and told her that kids in her neighborhood threw food to lure the stray poodle out of his hiding spot, and then tied a water hose around its neck. Obregon came looking for the pooch three times but without success.

A few days later, Obregon received a picture from the same woman, showing the dog lying still on the ground. It was dead, or at least so she thought. She was devastated, thinking that she could have done so much more to save the poor animal from what appeared to be a horrific death. Obregon knew she couldn’t just leave him lying in the street like that. She wanted to honor the pooch with a respectful burial, so she returned to the neighborhood once again.

She was absolutely speechless when she arrived at the neighborhood this time. The poodle was lying exactly where the woman told her, but he was holding his head up, looking at her with eyes full of hope. The smart poodle only played dead, because he knew that help was on its way. For a moment Obregon was the happiest person on earth. The pooch, on the other hand, was a long way from being out of the woods. 

Gully, as Obregon later named him, didn’t have any physical injuries, but he was severely malnourished, dehydrated and weak, to the extent that she didn’t believe he’ll make it to the end of that day. On top of his physical shape, Gully, understandably, was terrified of humans. Obregon carefully took him to the car when things started to look brighter.

Gully clearly understood that the woman was helping him and showered her with endless kisses. Obregon quickly rushed Gully to the vet, where he stayed for a couple of days. He then moved in with Obregon’s friend Crystal, who fostered him until he finds a forever home.

Gully quickly found his forever family, where he lives a happy life with his poodle sibling. We’re so glad to hear that Gully hasn’t lost faith in humans and that he is alive and well.

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