Abandoned Puppy So Happy To Meet A Passerby

Some people think it’s ok to abandon their dogs to fend for themselves because they believe that they would be ok. But the truth is that they aren’t ok, in fact, they will never be ok. 

Being abandoned by the ones who took care of you doesn’t only put you in a horrible situation of learning how to survive all alone but also scars your heart.


When a passer was doing his daily running routine by a field, he found a stray puppy roaming all alone. Apparently, someone abandoned the adorable baby dog, and he was so happy to see a passerby.

The adorable fluffy pup couldn’t stop rolling on his back and jumping around from happiness. The passerby petted with on his belly and he wanted more and more. What an adorable happy creature!

Something about this video warmed people’s hearts and quickly went viral!
Watch the video below to see the pup’s reaction. 

He was ecstatic to finally be noticed by someone.

The video description says that the good Samaritan gave the little pup food and water and reached the local animal group so he would be at safety.
Thanks to this incredible man, the adorable pup found a forever home and finally is being treated as he deserves. 
We wonder what would you do in such a situation. Would you keep walking, or would you do something to help the pup?

Here’s the adorable video:

What do you think?

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